Thursday, January 7, 2010

Movie Mini-Challenge

I told you there'd be big news this week from Sheila at One Person's Journey Through The World Of Books. And here it is: Sheila is hosting a movie mini-challenge starting today and running through March 8, 2010. There are as many movies referred to in The Gilmore Girls as there are books so the challenge is to fire up that DVD player, grab a cup of coffee (if you're like Sheila) or tea (if you're like me) , prop up your feet and feast your eyes on some of the great and not so great movies on the list. To sign up, head on over to Sheila's blog. Psst--there's a prize involved! Just for watching movies! How great is that?


  1. Thank you for this link.. How exciting!!

  2. Love it! The kind of challenge I was looking for.

  3. Thanks for the promo here - hopefully people will be doing it and I need to get on a couple just for fun myself! The movie list is awesome!