Friday, July 6, 2012

July Reads

Still plugging away? I've been so wrapped up in events around home and reading books for review that I've fallen way behind on most of my challenges. I got lucky tonight and happened to catch the movie adaptation of William Styron's Sophie's Choice. We saw the movie when it was released (why, yes, I am that old). It was one of the first movies my husband and I saw after we got married - nothing like a little dysfunctional love story to get you started off right! Of course, I had to rush out and get the book and read it as well. I don't keep many of the books I read, knowing I'm highly unlikely to ever find the time to re-read any of them with so many interesting books out there. But Sophie's Choice is one I did keep. It more than lived up to the movie - the splendid Southern feel of the narrative, the strong characters, the incredible emotional story. Have you ever read the book or seen the movie?

Leave a comment for any books you've read/movie adaptations you've seen in April/May/June/July.